A business started from a young mother's dream to make her own healthy products from natural ingredients for her family.  From growing the herbs to processing them into wonderful soothing products, we are committed to your well-being.  Manufactured using only the finest essential oils that smell wonderful and help the healing process.

If you'd like a product with a special scent or oil, please contact us, we can customize to your needs.

Thank-you and welcome!

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If there is a custom blend or scent you would like, please email and we can always work out your special blend. An upcharge may occur.

"I use the 5-1 Salve on all of my tattooes.  One day I ran out of the usual over the counter anti-bacterial ointment that I've always used and my girlfriend told me to try the 5-1 Salve.  I now recommend it to all my tatoo customers.  It doesn't fade or discolor the inks and it has a soothing effect when applied to fresh tatoos.  Also it is very cost effective, a little bit goes a long way.  It works great on burns also."  -  Eric S.

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