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Natural Catnip Toy

Made from recycled baby socks filled with natural catnip.  Has a string and bell attached for hanging from a doorknob.

Price:  $2.00
Ouchy Bow Wow Salve

This salve is great for those nicks and scrapes Fido gets into when you let him or her out.  Apply to sore spot, the herbs infused in this salve will help speed the healing.  Don't worry if he licks it off, it won't harm him.  Ingredients: Olive Oil infused with Calendula, Goldenseal, Plantain, Black Walnut, Beeswax, Tea Tree Essential Oil.

Price:  $5.00
Size:  2 ounce tin
Flea Spray

A water based spray with essential oils added to deter fleas.

Price:  $8.00
Size:  8 ounces
Pet Deodorizer

A light gentle spray to get you between baths.  (Scent: Lavender Orange Cedarwood)

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Price:  $8.00

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